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"Laura Rose has a way of making her subject so relaxed in front of her camera that the person's personality and warmth are captured in her images. Laura can bring out the true essence of someone through her photo techniques and styling. If you are looking for a photo that communicates a deeper connection than just a head shot, Laura is the perfect choice."

JULIA, mother of DONOVAN

"I am so thrilled that we decided to have Laura Rose take pictures of our son. The first time I saw all of the pictures I started crying. I was moved in such a beautiful way. I smile every time I walk past these images. Take a moment and get this precious time in your child’s life documented. You won’t regret working with Laura Rose!"

GENEVIEVE, with her husband ANDREW

"We decided to go with Laura Rose Studios because my husband and I are of the millennial generation and today, everything is digital. We thought it was really important to go with film and have high-quality prints made that would stand the test of time. We were really pleased with the results! We ended up with beautiful black and white images that were not too posed but still had a unique style to them. We highly recommend Laura Rose!"

RICO, father of XAVIEN

"Laura made us feel comfortable in her studio immediately, and the time of our session seemed to go by in a flash. It's a gift to have such beautiful photos of my children which we'll treasure for generations."

JENNIFER, mother of ARYN

"My 5 year old daughter had an awesome session with Laura Rose. She was such a joy to work with! She really has an amazing gift with children. Aryn had so much fun! The hardest thing was choosing my favorite picture - they were all so wonderful! Laura made the process stress-free and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results!"

MEGAN, mother of CHLOE & LUCY

"Our experience with Laura was wonderful. My girls felt very comfortable and Laura was able to capture their personalities to a tee. I absolutely love her work!"


"Laura was part of my girls' life from the first year to the 23rd year of their lives. Her photos are priceless and a constant comfort for me, especially now that they are living their lives elsewhere!"

LINZEE, mother of CLIVE

"As the mother of three rambunctious boys, I’m amazed by Laura's unique ability to make my children enjoy having their pictures taken. She captured my children's beautiful boyhood in works of art we’ll enjoy for decades. From her instinctive and engaging style taking their portraits, to the joy I feel every time I look upon her art hanging on our walls, I am filled with gratitude for Laura's talent. She is the only photographer of her caliber, artistry, and ability!"


"We had so much fun being in the studio. We assumed we'd be super nervous, but we were completely relaxed. An hour went by in a moment, and the photos we now have will always be an incredible reminder of this time in our lives. It's a regret that we waited so long to find a photographer like Laura!"

LAUREN, mother of ELIOT

"I love Laura's photographs of my son! They are authentic and timeless."

AMY, mother of GIBSON

"Laura was incredibly professional and very relaxed in her approach. Lot of ease and laughing, especially helpful as I, like many, am not comfortable having my picture taken! The results were great and I highly recommend Laura - she's a genius with the camera!"




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